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Transportation is an essential factor in online horse sales. My Horse Connection has a few transportation companies we highly recommend. We personally use and trust these transporters to get your horse home safely.

Equine Express has 30+ years of serving the horse community and a 98% customer satisfaction rating with shipping weekly, nationwide.

Each truck is equipped with air-ride equipment and the horse’s have a separate box stall or half stall depending, on what you choose. Food and water are always stocked for the horses during the trip. And if mechanical problems do arise they have a major, national company on call 24/7 to provide service or a replacement truck to ensure minimal down time. Feel free to reach out to them and look at their website. Equine Express website

Phone Number: (800) 545-9098

Rudy Helmuth grew up with horses his whole life. Growing up farming with draft horses in Iowa, his love for horses continued throughout his life.

Rudy worked with the Budweiser Clydesdales for nine years as one of the hitch drivers and semi-drivers traveling all over the country. About three years ago, he moved to Ocala Florida, which he now calls home, and started his own transport business. Big Horse Express runs multiple rigs and multiple routes throughout the United States. Big Horse Express takes pride in ourselves with top-notch care for your beloved four-legged friend. Call Rudy for more information about transportation.

Phone Number: (352) 615- 5070

Yoder Equine Transport has multiple new trucks and trailers. All trucks and trailers are fully serviced at all times, with built-in camera systems to monitor the horses during their journey. Yoder Equine Transport is fully insured and provides hauling services in all the lower 48 states! Call Marvin Yoder for any questions you may have. 

Yoder Equine Transport 

Phone Number: (478) 387-8582 

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